Promote Your Art, NFT, or Website. One Pixel = .10 cents.


How much does a pixel cost?

One pixel = .10 cents [USD].

For example: One pixel is .10 cents [USD]. So, in the case of: A 4 x 4 block is purchased. That will be 16 pixels; and .01 X 16 pixels = $1.60 USD.

What are my payment options?

Right now, we only accept PayPal.

What are the image requirements?

Image should be less than 5MB and greater than 50px x 50px. For best results, your image should have the same height and width.

Is there a minimum number of pixels I can purchase?

Yes, one pixel.

How many pictures can I upload/How many pixels can I purchase?

You can upload as many pictures as you would like. Of course, it will depend on the number of pixels available.

Will I see my ad right away or will it need to be approved?

Your ads have to be approved. If your ad is not approved, you will not be charged. FYI, we are fairly open-minded people, but certain ads cannot be approved on this website (i.e., PayPal restrictions).

Can I make an ad and save it for later?

Yes, you can. Your ad will be saved for 2 weeks.

Is the space I choose reserved as I'm filling out the information and paying?

Yes, until it is paid for.

What is Concordia Style Boutique?

Concordia Style Boutique = Balanced, Organic, Healthy & Useful Products.

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